All about EPDM Mulch surface


EPDM Mulch is a new kind of safety surface for children’s playgrounds, parks and pavements that has an exceptionally natural appearance. It is a water permeable, sanitary and elastic alternative of poured high-quality surface.


Its main advantage is especially its natural appearance. However, it has all the advantages of the extremely durable and maintenance-free polyurethane SmartSoft. That means that it is especially suitable for such places where a natural appearance of the surface is required (gardens, parks, forests, etc.) and where SmartSoft cannot be used for these aesthetic reasons. EPDM Mulch looks like a loose material, but it is a compact surface that cannot be torn off.


EPDM Mulch is specially made so that it is not fertile ground for mushrooms and bacteria


EPDM Mulch surface – advantages

  • EPDM Mulch is a very safe and extremely durable seamless surface
  • EPDM Mulch absorbs the impact very well, it’s longtime elastic without any seams that might cause problems – there is no danger of tripping, falling and getting injured
  • EPDM Mulch has the lowest maintenance costs in the long term
  • EPDM Mulch is produced right on the spot of a playground (it is not a prefabricated product) Its shape and graphical design can be adapted to a specific base, equipment and other specific factors.
  • EPDM Mulch may be laid onto existing children’s playgrounds without any significant alterations.
  • EPDM Mulch may be well combined with SmartSoft surface and so make interesting graphical variations.
  • EPDM Mulch is water-permeable, so there are never any puddles and it dries quickly.
  • EPDM Mulch may have different shapes and colours that match the playground’s equipment.
  • EPDM Mulch may be shaped in 3D
  • EPDM Mulch is very resistant to vandalism and it can be repaired easily.
  • EPDM Mulch has a 60 months guarantee.