All about SmartSoft surface

Unsuitable surface = Injury


…several hundred children a year are injured on Czech playgrounds. One of the frequent reasons is an unsuitable or neglected surface.

The choice of the surface for your playground must be as careful as the choice of the playing equipment.

The surface on a children’s playground must meet the following requirements:
  • meet strict safety and hygiene standards
  • require minimum maintenance costs in the long term
  • be extremely durable
  • attract the attention of both children and adults


Surfaces, such as sand, natural grass, tree bark and pebble gravel are a cheap alternative at first, but they require almost daily costly maintenance and continuous inspection. Only then is it possible to meet the exacting requirements of the current safety standards and avoid possible sanctions in the event of an injury.


If you are looking for a surface that is harmless to health, has an extremely long lifespan and requires minimum maintenance, while attracting the attention of the whole neighborhood, the only alternative is SmartSoft (poured polyurethane surface from EPDM granules). Although the initial investment is higher than with the common material types, in the long term (with the lifespan of about 10–15 years) it is the cheapest!
  • SmartSoft in comparison with grass does not become muddy after rain and neither does it turn into dust and concrete in dry weather. It does not require frequent maintenance.
  • SmartSoft in comparison with sand and tree bark does not make it possible to hide dangerous objects, such as glass, syringes, excrements, etc…). It is not loose, so it does not require regular leveling and filling up.
  • SmartSoft in comparison with rubber tiles does not have any seams over which you might trip. That is why there are not so many impurities and weeds in it and it cannot be stolen or damaged.
  • SmartSoft in comparison with other poured surfaces has a much longer lifespan and it is not necessary to repair or restore it after four or five years