Landing surfaces under the playground equipment


If you are looking for a surface that is harmless to health, Landing surfaces

has an extremely long lifespan and requires minimum maintenance, while attracting the attention of the whole neighborhood, the only alternative is SmartSoft (poured polyurethane surface from EPDM granules). Although the initial investment is higher than with common material types, in the long term, with the lifespan of about 10 – 15 years, it is the cheapest!


Our aim is that the graphical features and colours of the safe surface become another playing component of the children’s playground. That is why we add colorful labyrinths, geometric shapes, 3D animals, traffic elements, water creatures etc. The result of this approach is a surface which is multipurpose and can be more diversely used compared to common surfaces or rubber tiles.


SmartSoft is a very safe and extremely durable seamless

Landing surfaces

surface, certified according to ČSN EN 1177 for below mentioned fall heights


The thickness of the surface depends on the height of the playground equipment under which it is installed. Certification ČSN EN 1177 is set for each particular type of artificial surface according to the height of potential fall.


arrow-smart-ulSmartSoft 35 absorbes fall up to 1,6m

SmartSoft 35

arrow-smart-ulSmartSoft 50 absorbes fall up to 1,8 m

SmartSoft 50

arrow-smart-ulSmartSoft 70 absorbes fall up to 2,2 m

SmartSoft 70

arrow-smart-ulSmartSoft 90 absorbes fall up to 2,7 m

SmartSoft 90